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Hey There!

We're Chris and Rebecca. Just two overwhelmed individuals trying to adult while dedicating every available evening, weekend, and staycation day to renovating our home. Here, our hope is to summarize our experience through a beautifully packaged virtual "portfolio" of sorts - I mean, where else can we dump the thousands of  jumping pics we've taken over the past half-decade?!

What Happens When You Cross an Architect with a Mechanical Engineer?

Our passion for design and building extends beyond our professional lives – it's the heart of our home.

Together, like the peanut butter and jelly of the design-build world, we have complemented each other's strengths and quirks and, for better or worse, have enabled each other day by day to push our do-it-yourself renovation projects to their limits for the past five years.

Over half a decade of navigating DIY disasters, discovering that one can never have too many power tools, and learning that compromise is the glue that holds a marriage (and drywall) together, we've transformed every square foot of our home into something that is uniquely ours.

This blog serves as a self-indulgent visual portfolio. It's a place to document our projects, share our insights, and sprinkle in a dash of humor and humility because, let's face it, design creation can sometimes be a messy affair, and laughter is the best solvent.

Whether you're a fellow designer looking for inspiration, a homeowner in need of renovation wisdom and hindsight, or just someone who enjoys a good laugh (and an occasional design disaster story), welcome to our world! Together, let's explore the intersection of engineering precision (read: OCD) and architectural nuance (read: torturous quantities of iterations), one renovation at a time.

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