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10 Must-Haves: Studio McGee Furniture Pieces for Your Home - Spring 2024 Edition

Updated: Apr 19

Studio McGee, a renowned design studio founded by husband-and-wife duo Shea and Syd McGee, has captured the hearts of millions of design enthusiasts (especially myself) with their timeless and approachable aesthetic. Known for blending modern and traditional elements seamlessly, Studio McGee has extended their design prowess to a stunning furniture line available at Target, making high-quality and sophisticated home furnishings accessible to all.

Each season, I stalk the new releases from Studio McGee and try to finagle ways to squeeze more of their furniture into our home. The versatility of their designs allow us to seamlessly integrate and slowly elevate our style. Enjoy, drool, and start building your space!


The Top 10 Picks from Studio McGee - Spring 2024

Why we love it: The double-pedestal base features a unique woven design for a open and airy textured look that blends well with most decor styles including those with modern, neutral, coastal, earthy/old world or scandinavian flairs. Clean lines and natural oak are so in right now! This dining table gives off big Pottery Barn vibes for less.

Pair with this rattan dining chair or this airy, loungey complementary option.


Why we love it: this chair oozes sophistication. Each detail thoughtfully pulls from high-end pieces - the leather strapping, the articulation of the intersections of wood, the seaming of the upholstery. The high back offers additional comfort without impeding eyeline across the room.


Why we love it: All of the high-end designers are leaning super hard into curves right now. Whether it's in the architecture (such as arched doorways and barrel ceilings) to furniture with curved backs, rounded frames and circular profiles, organic geometry is a major trend in 2024. This bookshelf combines classic function with trendy form and appears very similar to the Leanne Ford line with Crate and Barrel at a lower cost.


Why we love it: Another super popular find that gives Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and Sixpence all in one affordable package. The material, texture, tone and softness are a win-win-win-win to subtly elevate your space.


Why we love it: The balance of super crisp and clean lines and wood backdrop allows this piece to stand alone in chicness, but also serve as a perfect chameleon to complement most design styles from industrial, coastal, contemporary to transitional. It brings delicate contrast to any palette without overdoing it.


Why we love it: Okay, to say we're obsessed is an understatement. You may have picked up on the latest trend of doweled wood in furniture trends (as well as interior design, such as wall texture). Dowels, or round wooden rods, are an easy way to bring an organic, textural touch to a space that harmonizes other geometries of the space with arches and curves. You may have seen the many hacks for how to make your own side tables... This console brings all the curves and all the texture in a narrow depth that is easy to squeeze into any space for an extra oomph (that's not a side table!). We love this so much.


Why we love it: This chair has an exquisite transitional style that bridges between modern and classic. The warm, medium, neutral tone of the fabric offers subtle contrast and durability. The pillow like edging emphasizes light and breezy comfort.


Why we love it: This piece is the perfect blend of casual and proper. The bolsters add visual and functional intrigue as two-for-one decor. This bench easily elevates a space on its own without any help from additional accessories.

This is our runner up if you're looking for a little extra wicker in your life and tend to lean traditional and want durability. If you prefer soft and upholstered, we love the curves on this bench.


Why we love it: Yes, yes... another console table, we get it. But they're so versatile, okay?! If you prefer to avoid curves and lean towards Restoration Hardware, Crate and Barrel, or coastal modern, this one's for you. Foyers, dining rooms, behind the couch, in a primary suite, there's a console for everyone that can go almost anywhere.


Why we love it: This piece looks like it could easily be sold for $700+ by Design Within Reach, but at a fraction of the cost. We love the innovative use of wood on a curve, which is usually reserved for high end and very expensive brands.



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